Welcome to West Coast Aesthetics, WESTCA, a boutique gym in downtown San Jose. At WESTCA we bring our members a modern style in an approachable atmosphere; a place to work hard with friends, stay motivated, and gain confidence & knowledge. We are a community of all fitness levels, and offer an elite personal training team for those looking to take their fitness to the next level.

The key thing is safety though. You will get trained properly not only for how things should be done, but how things should be done for YOU — if you have an old injury, was recently sick, or missed a few classes, etc. adjustments will be made. In 6 short weeks, going only twice a week, I’ve gotten stronger and have better posture (I’m an office worker) .
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30 North 3rd Street, San Jose CA, 95112

Call us @ 408.564.0705


M-F 5am- 11pm

 Sat/Sun 7am- 7pm

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