Friendsgiving Dinner

Sunday Nov 10th 5pm @ WESTCA Gym

for WESTCA Members, Family & Friends


 For FriendsGiving Dinner, WESTCA will be providing the protein, but we are asking our WESTCA family to contribute pot-luck style

We will ask 3 -5 people to bring a dish of each type listed below. Please be prepared to bring a dish that would serve 10-15 people. For example, we will ask 3 to 5 people to bring a “vegetable dish.”

Name *
I'd like to bring *
Please pick your top 2, we will confirm what we would prefer you'd bring by Nov 4th
Please tell us more about the type of dish you'd like to bring (for example, if you'd like to bring a vegetable dish tell us more- "I have a great healthy green bean recipe I'd like to bring" or if you selected pasta dish " I'd like to bring my famous mac n cheese" or "I have a fabulous vegan stuffing recipe"
Besides yourself, how many guests will you be bringing?