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WESTCA is not just a gym, WESTCA is a culture and a lifestyle. It’s one of those places where when I wake up in the morning and get out of bed, its one of the first places I want to go
— Peter DeGravio, WESTCA Member
It’s like a Family, everyone knows each other... I’ve never felt more comfortable in a gym
— Tanya Cox, WESTCA Member
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Client Spotlights

Lifestyle Transfomations by WESTCA

If you want to invest in yourself and you’re kinda afraid of doing it, or becuase of judgement, adopt the WESTCA lifestyle. Try our WESTCA Family, it’s something unique , it’s something different and everyone’s here to support you...
— Danny Valenzuela, WESTCA Member

I hit a point where I said, “ I need to get control of my life again...” I’ve lost about 33 pounds... It’s been physically and emotionally and in everywhere AMAZING... Thanks to them (WESTCA) and I guess myself, I’m happy again..”
— Tara Darlou, WESTCA Member

Now that I started this I feel 100% better, I love the gym so much
— Kayla Limegrover, WESTCA Member